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Welcome to, the official website for AJ's Sea Duck & Trophy Swan Hunts on Lake Mattamuskeet and the Pamlico Sound.  If you would like to book a trip online please click here, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via phone or email using the information at the top of the webpage.

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What to Bring...

  • North Carolina Hunting License
  • Federal & State Waterfowl Stamps
  • Guns-10, 12 or 20 gauge (legally plugged)
  • Chest Waders
  • Swan Permit
  • Camouflage Clothing  (Temp range 20-80 deg F)
  • Wet weather gear
  • Shells (#2, or BB)
  • Ice chest
  • Thermos
  • Camera- Camcorder-film  (optional)
Click Here to Make Your Reservations... AJ's Sea Duck & Trophy Swan Hunts offers the best swan and sea ducks in eastern North Carolina operating in Hyde County where a wide variety of waterfowl migrate to and remain during the season. Professional Duck Hunting Guides in North Carolina, Swan Hunting Guides in North Carolina, Sea Duck Hunting Guides in North Carolina catering to nc duck hunts, nc swan hunts and nc sea duck hunts (surf scoters, black scoters and old squaw). Hunting guide services include:
  • A wide variety of species-swan, sea duck, geese and puddle/diving ducks;
  • Light hunting pressures
  • Game and habitat management

Whether you are on a guided hunt to collect a trophy, do birding or just have a quality winter outing, AJ will provide the best. Book a reservation online or call us at (252) 943-5932 to schedule an experience of a lifetime.

Where is AJ's Sea Duck & Trophy Swan Hunts…

We operate out of Hyde County (Engelhard) North Carolina, adjacent the Pamlico Sound - 50 miles west of Cape Hatteras. Our fields and water are natural with roosting and feeding areas on the Pamlico Sound and Mattamuskeet Lake.

The hunting areas are located 200 miles east of Raleigh-Durham, far enough from the beaten path to reduce the pressures of population and hunting. Our lands are composed of corn, soybeans, ryegrass, wheat, plowed fields, marshes-wetlands, and flooded impoundments. We offer morning and afternoon swan hunts and all day sea duck/puddle duck shoots in the Pamlico Sound, which is filled with aquatic vegetation, mussels and oysters.

Classic Waterfowl Hunts...

For centuries, swan, sea ducks and puddle ducks have migrated to this wintering area. Mattamuskeet Lake is a wildlife refuge winter resting area for swan and most common waterfowl species. Hunts can be scheduled for all species, but hunting techniques vary. Swans are typically hunted over decoys in corn fields. Sea and puddle/diving ducks are hunted from floating blinds or layout boats in the Sound. Duck species include scooter (common or surf), old squaw, redhead, pintail, teal, etc. Snow geese are abundant during the winter.

Trophy Fishing Trips for Red Drum and More on the Pamlico Sound and Lake Mattamuskeet.. Pamlico Sound Fishing Guide

Call us today to schedule your dream fishing trip with Captain Adam Jones. Learn about trophy fishing trips in Hyde County on the Pamlico Sound and Lake Mattamuskeet.

Scissor Rig Hunts on Pamlico Sound...

A new and exciting feature to our duck hunting experience is our new scissor rig boat. Learn about Scissor Rig Hunting in Hyde County on the Pamlico Sound.

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